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    Please learn some asl

    My hearing has been slowly deteriorating over the years. My wife I met several years ago, when my hearing was not this bad, and I met my partner online.
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    Please learn some asl

    I'm polyamorous, I have relationships with multiple people at a time. Not cheating, since everyone knows about it an consents.
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    Funny Gifs/Pics

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    Please learn some asl

    I'm having a bit of a problem right now. I live with my hearing wife, R, and my hearing partner, M. Right now communication is sometimes difficult, as what I pick up goes in and out throughout the day and is deteriorating as the years go on. I want them to learn some ASL, but I don't know how...
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Thinking about today's therapy session and being tired in general
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    Upcoming games

    They're doing a Final Fantasy XII remaster that I'm buying a PS4 specifically to get. Best FF ever <3
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    A Deafie's Pet Peeve About Living Among The Hearies

    Somewhere between "you don't look deaf," "you're not deaf enough," and "nevermind." Also people who complain when I sit in the second row seat of movie theaters. It's easier for me to hear the closer I am to the screen, but I have to balance that with how distorted the screen gets when you're...
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    No, from abuse. Long time ago though.
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    Hi, I'm GrizzleBear! I'm 25 About 10 years ago I started losing my hearing due to repeated head trauma. At the time, my high school offered ASL courses, so I had at least a basic way to communicate. However, my school was hearing, my family and friends were hearing. I went to a hearing...