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    The hearing and cochlear implant debate! Share your opinion!

    It’s been a long damn time since I paid attention to you but you must have significant low frequency residual hearing if you can hear 25 dB at 250Hz. With my bearing aids programmed to the max before I got my CI, my best aided threshold was 45dB at 500Hz. Unaided, the threshold was 105dB...
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    I wouldn’t take it. I’ve been deaf or hard of hearing all my life (I have progressive hearing loss) and after being profoundly Deaf for over half my life I love my cochlear implant because I can hear or be Deaf in a second.
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    What does the Equal sign on the body mean in these videos?

    Thanks. I definitely wouldn’t sign it that way because the song says nothing about satisfaction (that is a different song). It almost seems like interpreting like that assumes that we Deaf people can’t figure out the meaning of the song (which isn’t you won’t be satisfied, it’s that you can’t...
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    Trying to get a second CI

    First, I’m Deaf an not ashamed of that. I’ve ha a right CI for 5 years and have done wonderfully. I’m trying to go to medical school and since I still have significant difficulty understanding speech (despite wonderful booth tests) I have wanted to get a second CI. I saw a new Audi in my home...
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    Question for girls.. would you ever date an ARAB guy?

    My exhusband, a hearing white guy, cheated on me, lied to the judge, got out of paying any alimony (judge said we were too young at age 29 despite me putting off medical school for my ex). Ex also lied about how much $$$ he made to get out of paying anything. I didn’t ask for alimony. I asked...
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    going to college as a hoh/little "d" deaf person

    Since you aren’t fluent in ASL yet, CART will likely be much more helpful for you, especially if you take classes with nuisanced vocabulary (advanced anything, any science). I grew up with ASL/SEE and had interpreters for advanced (graduate level) biochemistry classes. It was very difficult for...
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    What does the Equal sign on the body mean in these videos? I’m Deaf, not an interpreter but based on the words of the song I’d end the lines on “want” as in “you can’t always get what you want”. I grew up in a SEE school so I’m not perfect with ASL. The body “equal”...
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    New to this... with Questions

    I’m still not sure how a scuba trip could cause loss of hair cells but that is because I’m a medical scientist and over think things. Advanced Bionics has been absolutely amazing. I can use regular headphones but once the SWORD is approved, I’m definitely getting my left ear implanted. One ear...
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    Profoundly deaf - anyone like me, have CI?

    BAHAs are for single sided deafness or conductive deafness which by definition can never be profound. People born without external ears or ear canals can hear loud sounds. If I recall correctly the maximum pure conductive hearing loss is 60dB.
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    New to this... with Questions

    First, Cochlear is a brand name. Cochlear implant is the device. I have advanced bionics and love it. I had hearing loss from birth that was progressive. A scuba accident would only damage your middle ear. Have you had a bone conduction test?
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    You had surgery at the VA? As much as politicians love to say they support troops, the VA provides horrible specialty care. Your doc had probably done a few CI surgeries before.
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    Super power HA/CI. question

    Your current hearing aid is not a power hearing aid. Between all the models of Halo hearing aids none have a peak gain higher than 65-70dB. I wore a truly maxed out Naida UP that’s had a peak gain of 86dB. You need to see an audiologist and try hearing aids with real power.
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    Any Catholics?

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    Any Catholics?

    We are here. I wish Mass was still in Latin but I was born long after Vatican2. I did study Latin in school. Sometimes I ask for a copy of the sermon since that is the only thing that isn’t written in the handout or in the books.
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    Would Like Your Thoughts

    One thing to remember is that if you get benefit from hearing aids, or have “70-80% hearing loss” (hearing loss isn’t measured in %. If it was I’d have 120% hearing loss.) you may not be a candidate for a cochlear implant so, why worry about something that doesn’t affect you? Even with hearing...