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    Hearing Looks vs Deaf Looks

    I'm hard of hearing. My scenario comes in where I'm speaking with someone and let them know I am hard of hearing. And they are shocked and say really???? I would, well yeah...and they say (GET READY FOR IT): Wow, you speak and WALK so perfectly! *looking up into the air and thinking...what*
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    Spin-Off. Define "handicap" and "disability"

    *thinking* not to be a hard arse but isn't that an instant legal case if they don't have wheelchair accessability ramps for an individual.......hmmmm...just saying...
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    Spin-Off. Define "handicap" and "disability"

    Two years ago, I used to work for a contractor for the government. It was a job placement for people with disabilities. I didn't like it. I did what I could in terms of applying for a government job and succeeded...but before I left the job that I was a contract for for 7 years...(yikes)...
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    Hearie interested in integrating into Deaf culture.

    New York, NY | DeafNation Expo I'm hoping to be out there to see you soon since you will have all the resources of ASL in September!
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    Discrimination against HH/Deaf oralists?

    I wrote something like this in another thread. I have been hard of hearing since I was 4 but didn't know sign until I got to the certain age of knowing that I had a 2nd culture. I'm more oral than signing but wanting to learn. I was discriminated (and still do) coming up but over time I have...
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    2011 AllDeaf National Meet

    I would like to join too but in a nutshell....what is the actual plan? I'm just trying to get ONE BIG detailed plan as well as when do you need the money and so on and so on. Please let me know because I would REALLY love to go....*chuckles@realworld idea though*...lord...
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    2011 AllDeaf National Meet

    i hope you do because i want those spikes!
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    2011 AllDeaf National Meet

    Thanks for that Info Chevy....I didn't know about this!!!!! *PUTTING IT ON CALENDAR*
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    2011 AllDeaf National Meet

    Live in DC yet? I'm in In DC....
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    New to Alldeaf :) Ventura County

    Welcome biancaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am new new!

    Welcome Curly Alien! Glad you can join us!!!
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    Get Educated on Schedule A Letters!

    Good morning all, I felt that this thread coincides with the American Disablilities Act in terms of placing people with Disabilities in the U.S. Government for work. Some people are not familiar with this. I was one of them until about 5 years ago. All my life I have worked for the...
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    Turned HOH at 4...yet still discriminated...ah bliss!

    CatsMeow! Let's keep in touch. I'm always trying to find someone that knows what I'm going through. It was a confusing life for me coming up! TRUST it's hard. Even as an ADULT, mindbogglingly (if that is ever gonna be a word) I still get made fun of by hearing adults because I didn't hear...
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    Should my HOH 4yo Learn ASL?

    Ahhhh...I see I see...slept on that one@Already has exposure to English. Thanks for clarifying for me. I do concur that the challenges are different for post and prelingual HOH kids. I hate to admit I was a bully coming up for the "RIGHT" reasons though. Because I was in a Hearing Resource...
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    Turned HOH at 4...yet still discriminated...ah bliss!

    Thanks to all for your comments. I didn't want to appear to be an ASL/Deaf Basher which I'm not. I'm TRYING to tap into my 2nd culture but despite all that has happened to me it still doesn't deter me from what I want to do (become a CDI for the Deaf/Blind) and yes for all that is...