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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Wondering why the name peanut butter was created when it's not even made with butter.
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    Looking for Signing friend

    Born full deaf- Here to help. :)
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    Do deaf folks consider themselves disabled?

    We're disabled, because we need a little more help to get our point across? Nice try, government. 'Deaf VS Hearing" should have never existed. The first person who tried to create sign language in 1700's, do you want to know the hearing people said? " Why should we create a sign if we won't even...
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    Planing on getting CI

    I answered your question. You're welcome?
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    Planing on getting CI

    Google scholars ;) I also have plenty of books about it. If you go over to, it will allow you to download many many books for free, all about CI's. You can even pass college classes with this website. Here...
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    Deaf child

    My mother used a book, taught me what she learned, sent me to the deaf education program, and grew advanced with me as we grew together. At age 3, she went from knowing 0 sign language to knowing almost every word in the sign dictionary. She started when I was only 9 months. I hope that will...
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    Planing on getting CI

    You might want to do some research on CI, and ear amputations. My best friend is missing both ears, because the magnet was resonating too much fluids in her brain.
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    Head/CI Magnet pains

    From my personal experience, my best friend had to get her ears amputated. The magnet was resonating too much fluids into her brain. This is serious. Go get it checked. Research on cochlear implants, because usually once it hurts- it gets severally bad. and I would never wish it on my kids.
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    head set reccomendation

    I am full deaf, and I own a $300 (now you can get it for $200 or $240) Beats by dre headset. Bluetooth connected, and I can feel the vibrations off the music, and guns on my video games. No wires in the way, and I can sign to my wife with freedom.
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    Looking for Signing friend

    Deaf, and ASL is my first language. Here to help. :)
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    Looking for ASL Partner to practice with..

    Born deaf, and ASL is my first language. I'm here if you need me. :)
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    Looking for more in depth practice

    Born deaf, and ASL is my first language. I'm here for you, if you need me. :)
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    Conversion to the hearing world

    Is it not deliberative of us to enforce another language on others who are not capable of speaking? I used to believe it was a miscommunication until I understood that they were purposely disrespecting my boundary by ignoring my incapability to speak/hear after several times. There are several...
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    Poor Hearing May Cause Poor Memory

    New studies reveals that deaf people, in average, have higher capability of memorizing on behalf of how they process informations. What's even cooler is the fact that the studies also revealed that the deafs have extremely low IQ's, because of how the education system in America have been...