Destiny's Sister

I have had two careers. I am now on my third and most important, that being Mother to two girls. Life has been a journey and a challenge. APD and hearing loss have plagued me for as long as I can remember but it took me over 40 years to figure out how much they have held me back. Up until now I have focused on improving my ability to hear. Now my priority is to work on the APD and accept the imperfect hearing that my top of the line Phonaks provide me for now.

I have a rather unusual urge to learn how to sing. Unusual in that it doesn't sound like a very intelligent thing to be doing when one is hard of hearing. But it's just there and it won't go away so I will persist. I also like to compose music but my disorganized brain has made that extremely difficult for the past couple of years.

Lately, I seem to be just a tad more effective at getting things done so I'm going to try to become an expert in APD and how to get rid of it. I'll keep you posted...


Clear skies are always there...clouds are only temporary.




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