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    I come back once a year to see if this site livened up or not

    I come back once a year to see if this site livened up or not
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    Finally bought a farm

    I want a bee farm finger cross it soon
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    Hi there!

    Welcome :)
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    Smartwatch Vibrations?

    Android, Samsung. I had one for years and I loved it. Switched to I phone to connect hearing aids and it barely vibrates
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    Not dead but not alive hahaha

    Not dead but not alive hahaha
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    Earplugs recommendation needed for a person with sensitive hearing

    I needed ear plus for swimming and I went to an ent and paid $70 for a set of ear plugs
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    I miss when this website was booming.

    I miss when this website was booming.
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    Changing hearing loss

    Hello I have mod to severe hearing loss but in winter and fall I have severe to profound hearing loss. I have my hearing aids set to profound so it can accommodate. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Hi welcome
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    New here

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    My school project and some questions for u :D

    5 out of 10 My baby boy, I wanted a hug and he push me away. Forgot how to breath, got naked and passed out from lack of oxygen. I was at a party with 14 other people. Never got drunk again after that.
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    Back up hearing aids

    So I had a nice pair of Oticon opn but I lost them. One was in a car I sold to the junk yard and one is somewhere in my room..I think. So I got out my backup hearing aids which are Oticon alto. They need a good recalibration, which cost $25. I got them in 2012 so they are worn. My 5 year wait...
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    please help asl class!!!

    He is telling a joke, kind of. I have heard many joke that are alone this lines.
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    Hair & nails anyone?

    If you cut it wet, reminder it will bounce back and be shorter. I have natural curly hair and have had many bad hair cuts.