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    Dog chewed my processor and head piece

    My 7 pound Maltese completely chewed up my 1 day old brand new Nucleus 6 processor. I was able to get ahold of someone right away and they sent a new one for free. In the meantime, I just had to use my old Nucleus 5 processor.
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    Question for girls.. would you ever date an ARAB guy?

    My family is arab and arab men tend to be babied by their mothers so much that when they get older and get into dating, they start expecting their girlfriends/wives to be their mothers. I'm in no way shape or form being racist, but if you want to be a mother to a grown man, go ahead and date an...
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    Becoming a Nurse as a deaf person?

    I'm a second year college student who is profoundly deaf with a cochlear implant on my right ear. I just completed my first year in college as a nursing major, and to be quite honest, I'm having some doubts. The more I got exposed to nursing, the more I'm concerned with becoming a nurse as a...
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    Why do we have to be considered a part of special education?

    I actually never took any special ed classes, all throughout K-12 I was always placed in the normal classes with other hearing students.
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    Why do we have to be considered a part of special education?

    Hi, I’m a freshman in college and recently went back to my high school to pick up my 504 form so I can get my accommodations at my university. One thing that really set me off was I had to sign this form with the title “Release of Special Education Records.” This set me off because I don’t like...