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    HBO: Game of Thrones

    loved that show.. i havent read that book.. it seems different from lord of the rings i love it
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    Casey Anthony found not guilty of her murder charge

    hmmm wheres the DNA proof all of this on the duck tape and the fingerprints in the trunk of the car.. my guts feelings the fornerics didnt do their jobs right and i have been watching CSI on tv all the time.. good thing the defense got that right i have been watching half of it.
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    Breaking News! CNN announces Osama Bin Laden is Dead !

    finally about time..
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    Who is single here?

    i am single now
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    Pics of you - Part V

    ah heres my avator pic and i havent been here in a while now..
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    from louisana

    yeppers its been long time since last time i was here.
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    from louisana

    im matt from louisiana live about 30 miles north of shreveport so i should feel introcue to people on here thanks.
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    You are more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist

    mmmmm i even wonder if deafs parents get lawsuit against cop even the cop didnt know he deaf and shot in the back crazy what is going on in the cops mind?? people need to do that before they do something.. i wonder if that is true stories about deafies in real world.. first time i read this...
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    post pics

    wonder how to post pics from my images to here? i have no idea how to do that it make me harder to find it since so......... help..
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    im on facebook most the time, so add me matthew scott green and so addict to the zyanda texas poker game.
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    Pics of you - Part V

    i was wondering how to post my pic up there.. want to everyone know if yall want to help me how.
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    those bp company ticked me off they dont care about safety ugh.. i dont want to see $4 gas ever again.. new techs are always for oil drilling anywhere...
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    Drill for oil...create jobs..lowers unemployment rate in N. Dakota

    im for oil drilling anywhere and wonder what will happens if they dont drill for more oil anywhere offshore and on west coast anywhere then i dont want to see $4 gas ever again that makes me mad.
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    Billionaire for five hours

    mmmm would love to build a strip club in las vegas and maimi. lol and imagine what your dream are like if we had 89 billion dollars. lots of things i that i want is to travel.
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    Debrief: JClarke's vacation (WARNING: Lots of pictures)

    JClarke-i bet u had alot of fun, too bad i wasnt there lol.. those 2 girls in the pics beautiful..