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    Defective cochlear-ear implant ....In case someone you know has this older model

    Jury awards $7.25M for hearing aid that severely shocked
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    I am still lost
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    bra size issues?

    Oceanblue7 posted this link in another thread The Perfect Fit
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    Hello from Kentucky :)

    Is it true that when a couple from Kentucky get divorced they are still brother and sister?
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    Here's one idiot

    Maybe you forgot to take out the trash ?
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    no matter what, Foxnews gotta complain

    I dont even know why they call it "Fox News". It should be "Fox right-wing propaganda"
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    Here's one idiot

    are you sure ? maybe you left the toilet seat up again
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    Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

    you might be talking about Jay Cutler...He went from the Broncos to the Bears
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    Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

    You get a D- for your picks
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    Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

    maybe in about 10 years
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    Here's one idiot

    why is your wife so angry ?
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    My trip to Yellowstone

    The buffalo are really bison {no idea what the difference is} I have no clue what kind of bird that was I could hear wolves but I did not see them There was elk but no mountain lions My last vacation before this one I discovered that my tent camping days are over so I was in a...