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    hello! ♡

    Where in Oregon? Welcome!
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    Maybe find some one right for me. Take it easy

    Masteli is scam. Don’t fall for it by clicking its link.
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    AllDeaf Memorial

    She was one of my favorite AD member, may she Rest In Peace!
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    My school project and some questions for u :D

    What would you rate yourself from 1 to 10? Who rejected you last? What has been the worst thing you've done while drunk?
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    Any Deaf/HoH ladies from Southern California?

    A lot of single women with children, you are out of luck.
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    Pub quiz anyone ?

    but I have a problem, everyone is going to google it out to find the answer :(
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    Do you have a look alike ?

    How are we supposed to know what you look like, post a picture of yourself here that might help us to answer your question. Nobody told me what I look like, my face is too complicating haha
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    Signing with one hand

    you can sign ASL with one handed, even if you can finger spell it with one hand.
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    New here!

    Hello, we have ASL gathering tomorrow (Sunday) at Dolores Park, SF.
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    Where do deaf students go to school?

    Deaf schools :lol: but wait you calling deaf people as deformity, fuck you and go back to school!
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    I want a deaf friend

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    It's a go! I have a surgery date!

    One day you will regret that decision, and should have learned ASL instead.
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    Doctor's office refused to provide interpreter!!!

    she passed away many many years ago
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    Hey, please help me with asl

    are you deaf?
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    Looking for a place I can move in

    Florida to North Dakota? It seems like you adjusted it pretty quickly.