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    New here!

    Hello, we have ASL gathering tomorrow (Sunday) at Dolores Park, SF.
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    Where do deaf students go to school?

    Deaf schools :lol: but wait you calling deaf people as deformity, fuck you and go back to school!
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    I want a deaf friend

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    It's a go! I have a surgery date!

    One day you will regret that decision, and should have learned ASL instead.
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    Doctor's office refused to provide interpreter!!!

    she passed away many many years ago
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    Hey, please help me with asl

    are you deaf?
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    Looking for a place I can move in

    Florida to North Dakota? It seems like you adjusted it pretty quickly.
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    Looking for a place I can move in

    I feel you as I used to live in Milwaukee, and I never want to come back since 2000. It is not easy to find $600/mo rent unless you’re roommating with someone in Texas or Florida. I live in California, the rent is pretty much expensive but there are so many things to do for free like hiking...
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    Looking for deaf/hoh friend/mentor

    What ASL level are you on?
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    Finland, chilly one day, frozen the next.

    60F here in California :)
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    Sad News

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    Maverick Fisher...aka Zayden Blujay

    Anyone following this lately? Dr. Bennet Omalu stated in the court that there is no evidence of Grant is fighting Mav in the tent. What do you think?
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    Tinnitus is driving me crazy

    There is no cure for tinnitus, pills may help to reduce it temporarily. Check for pills side effects.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Hey admin, wake up? Barbara have violated the alldeaf policy re: no politics talk allowed. Where is the ban? No favoritism please.
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    Anyone wanna chat?