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    Maverick Fisher...aka Zayden Blujay

    Anyone following this lately? Dr. Bennet Omalu stated in the court that there is no evidence of Grant is fighting Mav in the tent. What do you think?
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    Tinnitus is driving me crazy

    There is no cure for tinnitus, pills may help to reduce it temporarily. Check for pills side effects.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Hey admin, wake up? Barbara have violated the alldeaf policy re: no politics talk allowed. Where is the ban? No favoritism please.
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    Anyone wanna chat?
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    Anyone wanna chat?

    This is pretty much dead, you will have a better chance to meet people in Facebook groups.
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    Coding and web development group on FB

    I'm a software engineer, and I'm happy to join your fb page.
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    I was providing the example to Silent Seed on how uneducated hearing person can be about taking a deaf person to movie theaters.
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    How can deaf people understand what movie is talking about at the movie theaters?
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    Can't believe this place is dying....

    If you get 100 members to join AllDeaf in a week, you will get a free iPad, right?
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    Maverick Fisher...aka Zayden Blujay

    He may be freed under self-defense plea, and then he would be rich by writing a book and sell to public like what Casey Anthony, and George Zimmerman did.
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    Wanting to learn Sign Language

    Where are you from? There are several online tutoring courses for free, check out
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    Teen loses cochlear implant after being tased

    who pays the sheriff dept's insurance? taxpayers.
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    Wanting to learn Sign Language

    Find someone to tutor you, or go to ASL classes at some local college/university. I am doing the paid-ASL tutor to people who don't have a time to attend the class.
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    Deaf boxing

    Garrett Scott, deaf MMA fighter Matt Hamill, deaf MMA fighter A lot of deaf street fighters that knock hearing people out easily by pointing at something to make them look and then POW.
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Go away from this alldead site.