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    To Wear Hearing Aids Or Not To?

    It just depends on my mood, really. I can hear without them but obviously not well When I was a nanny and the little kid would throw tantrums or scream to try to get my attention, I would look at her, and say, "Your screaming/whining is hurting my hearing aids, so I am taking them out. When you...
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    Is There A Good Way To Respond As A Hearing Person When Someone Tells You They Are D/deaf?

    It really depends on the circumstance at which I tell them, really...some reactions such as "Oh, sorry, I'll speak louder" or "Oh, that's cool (like, no worries), I'll try and speak up" is perfect for me depending on where I am and what I am doing
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    teens behind bars for 40 years on murdered of Boston teacher

    BINGO...I think it's bull---- that society has made 18 the "magic number" for so many things. An 18 year old can get married, win the lottery, smoke cigs, have a full time job, and learn how to handle weaponry designed for war but can't order a glass of wine at dinner I think that driving laws...
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    Hawaii Introduces Bill To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

    yay!!!! it should be banned, it causes so much emotional stress, it's like abuse
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    Legendary singer David Bowie dies at 69

    When I woke up and saw that he had passed, I felt numb. It didn't seem real yet. He was my favorite rock star. I grew up watching Labyrinth on loop on my Betamax, then VHS, then DVD. My dad and I loved his music and when we drove around, he loves listening to Space Oddity on repeat a...
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    Swinging (partner swapping)

    for me, no. But if everyone in the ring is a consenting adult and (hopefully) being safe, than more power to 'em. I'm bi but completely monogamous but have no moral or religious beliefs against it (as long as all parties are consenting)
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    Same sex marriage got pregnant and give birth sons days apart

    awwww the babies are soooooo cute! They definitely have their hands full. I can't imagine being postpartum, taking care of your newborns while your spouse is also postpartum doing the same thing. I hope their loved ones are offering support :)
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    Dsycalculia forum graphic

    Anomic Aphasia??
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    If there were a cure for hearing loss would you take it

    I would without a second thought...
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    Question for a persuasion speech

    When I was in grad school, I had to write a persuasion paper based on an ethical topic of our choosing. One thing I learned about doing a persuasive paper (in your case, speech) is to be very knowledgable on the counter argument. When I was writing about the counter argument in paper, I had to...
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    Woman charged after giving bourbon to teething baby

    Back in the day doctors recommended rubbing whiskey on the baby's gums during teething
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    What favorite childhood ice cream

    My favorite ice cream growing up and to this day is chocolate chip cookie dough. We'd go to 31 Flavors and I'd eat all of the ice cream first and save the chunks of cookie dough for last
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    How cold before you turn on heat?

    My roomie and I both don't mind a little bit of "chill", we it actually got down to the low 40s last week and we finally turned the A/C off. We have yet to turn on our heat
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    Sign Language in Music Video?

    TLC's "Unpretty" Left-Eye signs the song while Chilli and T-Boz sing it
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    NY Court: Parents Can Spank Their Kids

    The only time my mother ever spanked us was when we very, very young and were doing something dangerous like running into the street or letting go of her hand and running away in a busy parking lot. My mom said it only took one time for us to know not to do that ever again