Xerox Continues to Loan Out Workers to Charities


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Apr 18, 2004
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Xerox Continues to Loan Out Workers to Charities - Rochester, News, Weather, Sports, and Events -

Thomas Coughlan has been volunteering at the National Center for the Deaf Health Research at the University of Rochester for some time. Now he’s working there, thanks to Xerox.

“I really can’t find the words to thank Xerox for this amazing opportunity,” said Coughlan.

Coughlan is one of 11 Xerox employees “on loan” to charities. The company’s Social Service Leave program started in 1971 and 499 workers have since taken part. Xerox offers about a dozen employees a year the opportunity to take a sabbatical of up to one year – at full pay – to work for a nonprofit.

“The opportunity to have someone with us for a whole year is just amazing,” said Dr. Thomas Pearson of the research center. “It’s almost indescribable. You don’t know how to say thank you enough.”

The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester and Catholic Family Center are also beneficiaries of the Xerox program this year.

The U of R deaf research center only has 16 full-time workers, so the addition of Coughlan is seen as a windfall. Coughlan is focusing on a study of obesity in the deaf and hard of hearing community. Three weeks into the job, he has found his skills as a data architect useful. He’s also able to lend a different perspective to the staff, coming from the business world.

“I would not otherwise be able to make ends meet,” Coughlan said. “Xerox has freely given me the support to take my time and energy and talents to pursue this dream and help this organization.”