Why people want to marry people from foreign countries?

Why? It is harder to find someone in America! That is your answer! Women in the US tend to be picky, but some are.. I will let you find out for yourself. You should know better why this is happening to yourself.

Foreign women tend to prefer a man to marry as means to get in the country. But sometimes they are honest and prefer American man who RESPECTS them. I heard a lot of women complaining that their country the men there are drunk, abusive, or lazy or not care. They sees us as nicer, kinder, sweeter, and of course, men are more willing. Both wants family and they will. I just put up a lengthy post in another page and you will have to find my post. All information are there. Women in the US are more picky, more of prefer their age men, and foreign women prefer OLDER men. Usually over 10 years of age. In the US up to 10 years of age. Say she is 40 from the US, she would marry a man under 50 years of age. But same age woman in another country can marry a 57 years old man if she wants to. I know because my sweetheart is 32, 33 in a couple of months and I am 57! I am to marry a Filipina in Dec in her hometown. Will resides there.

Just be careful though because women might want just to come to America and only best way and cheapest is through marriage to an American using K1 Visa. He would have to support and sponsor her way here. Do you have 20K a year to sponsor her? 5000 dollars for airfare first class all the way up here? but wait, for K1 Visa, you need to visit her first. That is the law. When you do, thats a lot of money. about 10K to travel. Visit her for at least a week to a month depends on visa. Do you have the money? if not, sorry, there are women in the US who already relocated! Or born in the US. I sure hope you can find the right one, gentlemen.

Foreign ladies, you see the costs? I know! I do know! Please consider different means such as trying to apply for green card. We already have enough problems with employment. Many are not working! Why not start your own business such as a sari-sari or something. Work your way up. Find American companies overseas and you can get your way in. I knew one did. Smart and she is in the US now because her boss promoted her.
I have same ideas about wanting to try out foreign deaf ladies because here in America, They are SO PICKY, SNOTTY, only wanting our fame, money, etc NOT our heart, nor love at all. Just a bunch of greed here in America.

Beside that. I had to wait until right timing (inheritance) then can go on my vacation to find someone that CAN win my heart!!!!