What was the last movie you watched?

Last night was Diamonds of ever and watching Entrapment At the moment or rather I watching Sean Connery..Oh man what a man
About to watch Jurassic yet again my daughter home she wants see it and it her turned
The Graduate , it made me miss California , there was a scene of
Dustin Hoffman eating at a restaurant you could see Moe's Book store I use go to Telegraph Ave in Berkeley a lot . You could buy jewelry and clothes right on the sidewalk all year all.
Just watched a documentary, My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes. It's the story of Gino Bartali and how he and a village fought to save it's Jews from the Nazis. Really amazing story.
Woman in Gold

Un-freaking-believable excellent! It's a true story about the valuable portraits which were stolen from the Jewish woman's family's home by Nazis during WWII.
it about to be Shorshank in 5mins one best films ever maid
'live and let die'james bond and later tonight will be 'life of pi'
Currently watching Tsui Hark's The Taking of Tiger Mountain. Cool so far....




Both are good movies!