What do you do for living?

I'm retired; however, I write mystery novels. My first novel entitled Deaf Takes a Holiday sold a few copies a month for the first year. In the meantime, I'm working on the sequel, 'Til Deaf Us Do Part.

I need to look that up again soon.. money has been a bit tight.

Right now.. I'm a student again! LOL
No idea what will happen after I'm done.
I am a professional clinical counselor (psychotherapist) and I am specialized in children trauma.
Mum of 7. (Eldest daughter is married. Youngest in High school). Writer, Bible Teacher (Doctorate of Divinity), International Public Relations, Cross-cultural advisor. Missionary. Handcrafted Crochet business as well.
Retired by disabling accident, many from current to start, logger, farm hand, roofer, mariner, factory worker, medical field mostly emergency, some administration, physical therapy, orthopedic, Coast Guard, canary, farm hand, janitor, I think that about covers it:ily:
I am an author and publisher. I haven't been inspired to write for a long time, but amazingly I today started again. I guess isolation is kicking my brain into gear once again.
I am currently unemployed and I am looking to do something different. Maybe you might give me some good ideas. Thanks!
As an author I could suggest... have you considered writing? With the pandemic, you would not need to come into other people unnecessarily.

It is a rewarding career and you can either publish for sales or donate books to your local library in paper or digital format
Zen Priest and IT Technician. :deaf:Profile says "New Member"... I guess changing your email address will do that. been lurking for a number of years now...:giggle:
Retired timber machinist, 25 years in the timber trade, was made redundant 4 years ago, so now unofficially retired," beats saying, unemployed :giggle: ".
I am a certified educational guidance counsellor. I also run a non-profit for vulnerable children. A hustler and faith optimist. A loyal arsenal fan too