What are you thinking about? Part VI

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You are DEAD wrong! I been to bars a numbers of times . I had posted a number of times my dad was an alcoholic and so was his dad etc. My ex brother is one too. Alcoholics runs in my family so I made the wise chose to never drink . I wanted to be the one that stopped the abusive pattern
so my child could have better childhood than I had . And I am very proud that as a woman I was able to break the abusive cycle that been going on in dad family for generations and I did this by not drinking. I gave my daughter a great gift 'a safe childhood ! And there is nothing you are RR can say or do to take this away from me. I just find it hard to put 'happy' and drinking in the same sentence.

:hmm: How is her post wrong? It is true not everyone gets drunk. Not everyone who goes to happy hour is looking to get drunk.
I don't drink - because I don't like the taste. Some people shouldn't drink because they are or have the propensity to become alcoholic. But you shouldn't generalize about everyone who drinks.

I always thought it was called Happy Hour, because the drinks are at a reduced cost during that hour.

I'm sorry you had to live with alcoholics and that they made your live miserable. :hug:
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