What are you thinking about? Part V

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I am thinking at this point in my life I feel like screaming and having a mental break down, however 2:00 am generally isn't a good time for this. I would do it in my vehicle but I can scream loud enough I can be heard miles away (or so I have been told). *sigh* I am thinking I desperately need a girls night out with some positive people!

is it because of your daughter thing?
I am thinking I was right when I said it was going to be a rough week this week.

you should listen to (and read the lyrics) of "King of Pain" by The Police early 1980s rock good stuff, its about depression, good song though
I am pretty exciting to anxiety cool remove anxiety wow!! sound look likes interesting :)
The man who is doing them, is doing it for free just for the Deaf Church. 5X7 only. It is his way of thanking us for making his Deaf adopted daughter feel so loved and welcome. He and his wife adopted this girl and her twin brother. They are now 22, however, the girl has severe learning disabilities. She was shaken as a baby and beaten as a baby resulting in brain trauma and profound hearing loss. Anyway, he is thanking us and this is his way of doing it. There will be close to 60 different pictures being done.

Since I made this post, I was texted by a friend from the church, and she said they have a surprise planned for me and to not worry. I will see what's up.

Let us know what the surprise is!
I'm thinking that my shipment for my business has better come today or I will call my jewelry supplier to see what's up with my shipment.
im thinking about how talkative my cats are, especially Gertie - the socks stealing girl and how they says siameses are very vocal - indeed they are! Gertie is a Chatterbox, she loves coming in to the toilet and meow meow the entire time im in there, i Must have a video to show you one day, (done photos, it just doesnt do justice)
^^ seconded, after all those hardtimes and bitterness that he caused you.....this change is a definite welcome
I hope better well issues on difficult on my health not easy complication! complication! it is is not easy stress pretty highly complication!! I aware it!
thinking about camcorders, a normal mobile like HTC wildfire or high-end mobile to replace my old CDMA phone...
Thinking, why do I spend so much time reading the CI threads? Don't want one, can't have one, don't like them on small children, just too many don'ts for me.
I am thinking I am so happy I survived this day without crying, or resorting to old coping strategies.
I am pretty lots of work out pretty easy rest soon! bedtimes pretty sound look likes fast!! sound!! wow!
I didn't realize until now that jaguars and leopards look absolutely identical...
is it because of your daughter thing?
Yes because I have bills coming up and I was mentally spazzing out as to how I was going to pay for the cookies if not all of the money was returned and pay my bills. :eek3: Thankfully though all of the money was recovered and then some. Now I am just hoping I have enough gas in my truck to make it to work an then to the bank. Once I get my check deposited, I can fill my tank up. Yeah that's how low my funds are this week. =/
you should listen to (and read the lyrics) of "King of Pain" by The Police early 1980s rock good stuff, its about depression, good song though
Ah, 80's music, somehow it makes me want to dance. I remember some 80s tunes but I can't recall the names of them.
I am thinking about his text message first thing in the morning :)
I am a massive worry-wart and my hubby was supposed to be off work an hour ago. The drive is less than 10 minutes unless it's rush hour and it's not at midnight.There is a possibility he's working late, but I can't call since he works in a freezer and they can't hear the phones over the machinery.
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