What are some of the cooking difficulties that Deaf people face?


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Jun 30, 2022
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Hello, I hope everyone is having a good day. I am a UX design student working on creating a cooking tutorial website that is accessible to the majority of people. I was wondering what are some of the challenges that deaf people face when looking for recipes online and attempting to follow the recipe as they cook? Thank you very much.
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The only issue for me is maybe not hearing the timer beep on the stove to tell me something is done. I have two solutions for that. The easiest one is to tell Siri to set an alarm on my Apple Watch, so it buzzes when something is done. Or I use a portable timer and watch that. Other than that I don’t think being HOH causes any problems when cooking.
Of course if it’s an online cooking show or demonstration, not just a recipe, then I need to have captions.
I recently went to a cooking class, and as long as I was in direct sight of the Chef to lip read, I didn't miss much. I also brought my flash timer with me. It is like a little cooking timer with a flash that goes off, very handy.

Videos could just add captions and you can pause like any other video. Not sure it really is much of a difference than a hearing person simply not catching everything said. Also some videos have a downloadable transcribe where you can pull it up and have what is being said already there for you to see as well. or even to print.