Vegans alert!! new blog here

This blog is enough to turn vegans into meateaters!

I almost barfed.
hahahahaha! I think this guy with glasses is an artist. I guess he is doing it in the name of the art to express his love for vegan recipes. He definitely needs to work out. He reminds me of a model I drew for a figure drawing class. He is a vegan, but much skinner than the guy with glasses. It was quite a challenge to draw him with his bones sticking out. It worked for me, but not to some art students in the same class. I will check some of their vegan recipes..
BUMP <had to on this one, its too hilirous! .......come on more people in this one please...
Wirelessly posted

what is wrong with their choice to be nudist and vegan? I find it interesting because its different
I personally found this video to be offensive, but, that's me.
I posted in this thread, apparently it got deleted? I said what's wrong with being nudist, its just their preference and I find it interesting to read about and they call it naturist and some of their recipes sound good to try