Trying to Understand the Deaf

Don't feel bad. It is just that the questions you ask have been discussed half to death in this forum. I suggest you read up on them by researching the information in here before asking. Seek and ye will find. No biggie.
I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

^^ ditto
Yep. I'm waiting to see if that "you people are mean and are attacking me" attitude gets better.
Really? Try to learn without asking questions. Yep, that's a great way to learn (sarcasm font). I mean, how dare I ask a question, right? Point taken. I won't be doing that anymore. The welcome has been less than kind by many. I wrote this post with an honest heart to understand and learn, and even admitting I am ignorant and I have been met with hostility and rudeness. So, you don't want people to think a certain way about you and your deafness, but if they DARE to try to understand by asking questions then you're going to be sure to put them in their place and make darn sure they know they are stupid. Yep...thanks. That's just wonderful. Good-bye.

Give me a break woman, you came here with a holier than thou attitude , if you're really serious learning about deaf people you would going in the public meet some deaf and HOH face to face, or do you find is safer to do is from behind a keyboard. And did you take the time to see if this questions been asked before, it does not look like it ! I wish I had $10 for every thread here from people like you. Shalom!!