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Jan 8, 2020
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1. If a person suddenly becomes ugly and his face fades, he is a person who is stuck in more problems than himself.

2. If you bite your nails, you are always thinking about what will happen to your future.

3. If someone sleeps too much, he is very sad. That means there is a great sadness in his heart.

4. If a person eats too much, he is under a lot of stress.

5. If a person gets angry for even a small thing, he needs someone's care, attention and love.

6. If a person laughs too much, he is a person who is suffering a lot. Someone who is looking for a reason to smile.

7. If someone does a thousand things before breaking a relationship and dedicates himself to save it, then he is a person who has suffered immensely due to the breakup of a relationship in his life.

So listen to those around you.
If they have a problem, set aside a little time for them.

If who will be able to be a force in someone else's life for a moment. Always be a light to someone like this.