The Biggest Loser TV show


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Dec 29, 2013
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I've always taken issue with this show (or maybe it's jealousy). If we could all take 15 weeks out of our lives to devote to health and fitness, we'd all lose weight. Unfortunately, reality is different for most of us. We don't have access to trainers, chefs and expensive equipment of a TV show. I was always avoiding viewing this show. So this season I watched an episode on the fly. I couldn't help but be happy for those folks. Their stories look familiar and I can relate. If I had a chance to go on a show and lose weight I probably would. Tonight's episode was the makeover and they got to see their family members. Yep.... I teared up a bit. I, like many others, struggle with weight. It's just nice to see people achieve a goal, even if my reality is different. Anyone else watch?
It's a great show and it's one of the few that actually tries to help people. However, you're right. Not everyone can get the chef, the time to work out and many on the show do end up putting the weight back on - but it's nice to hear stories from those that really learned from the experience and have maintained a healthy weight.

It's one of my favorite shows and I watch it every week it's on.

Only criticism I have is I wish they'd censor out instances of vomiting during
workouts. I don't like seeing that on tv.

Otherwise,it's a positive show.

They've had a lot of diversity among contestants. It's only a matter of time before there's a HOH or deaf contestant. Maybe there already has been one and I wasn't paying attention.
It's great the people are trying to lose weight to be healthier but I have no interest in watch the show. And now that I heard people are vomiting on the show I sure do not want to watch it. GROSS!
there hasn't been a deaf or any sort of disabled person on the show yet. I am sure there's been many applications though from disabled folks- don't know why they don't get selected. It's a good show to inspire but once they get back into the real world- quite a few do gain back a bit of their weight. There was one guy Eric who won on his season- he promptly gained back ALL of the weight he lost. TBL went back and gave him a challenge to re-lose it again- I don't know how well he's doing or not.

I do like that they recently started focusing on children's obesity- 12 and up- good start.