Teen Kills Twin Brother Over Chewing Gum

When my brother and I was much younger in our childhood, we often fought and curse each other but like this, killing... it's beyond my control.
It's so sad to lose temper and kill twin brother. Now he's very sorry that he didn't pause and think first before taking that action. He won't ever see his twin brother again. So hard at his age.
What a sad news! Over Chewy Gum is silly questions to argue about! Chewy Gum is not important to me to get serious over with it! WHY WHY Twin brother has no commonsense and not open to understand. I wish he could just ignore this chew gum issue and let him enjoy it. Woe! Woe! Sad story I ever hear of it today! That is very possible for him to get jealous over chew gum! :rifle:
Oh jeez!! Oh no

,,,,,,,,,,,, wonder if he will realized that his twin brother gone! :(:(:(

What the twin did is Ridiciously stupidity!!!

NewsChannel 5.com – Nashville, Tennessee - Teen Kills Twin Brother Over Chewing Gum

COLUMBIA, Tenn. - Authorities in Columbia say a 14-year-old boy stabbed his twin brother to death in an argument over chewing gum.

Maury County Sheriff's Office detectives say the boys argued yesterday at home and one grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the other in the chest.

Investigators didn't immediately return telephone calls seeking more details today.

Sheriff Enoch George says the boys' mother administered CPR, but the victim died later at the Maury Regional Hospital.

Sheriff Enoch George described the surviving twin as very remorseful. The boy is charged with first-degree murder.

There were counselors at the Culleoka School Wednesday morning to talk with students.

At the school, south of Columbia, Principal Jeff Quirk said the incident is going to be a hard life lesson for student there.
OMG! Over a piece of gum? I would never hurt my twin sister, I love her to death. ;)
That is whacked. It's sad to see something like this to have to happen.

I can't imagine what the mother is going through right now losing both sons at the same time.
I don't think I ever read such a thing in a newspaper article about a twin killing another twin in my life. Twin sibiling have a very unique connection among each other. They confide to each other, they share same premonition if something happen to the twin, it's amazing. I feel sorry for the mother losing her twin sons. I am sure that the living twin who stabbed his only twin brother will regret ever kill over a (bleep) piece of gum. He probably will have a hard time finding work if he ever gets out of prison because of his social issues.

My Two Cents,
Killing over gum? Had he ever thought about how sharp those knives are?:confused: :confused: :barf: