SWTOR anyone?


May 25, 2003
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Hello, I'm playing on Star Wars: The Old Republic game on PC, wondering if there's other deaf players currently, I'm currently looking for guild that have deaf players, so not to worry about hearings that's unfriendly with deafs
I played it back when it was not a free to play and up until it switched to the F2P model I however don't play it anymore because I spend most of my time playing Assassin's Creed Series or Fallout 3 & NV or even Hearthstone (My Go To Time Killer)
hmm i have it , but now uses a gutless lappy which is no good for high strung graphics., ..
totally understand about assshole hearies (theirs teens and snotheads so yes they're intolerant and stupid)
i play GT6 on PS3 with deafies and we beat some , all from sweden, germany, US, aussie, NZ , finland, cool bunch!

so i cant play sorry but really hope you'd find some luck don't give up