Stay at home job


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Jan 5, 2015
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Is there job for deaf, stay at home. I am interesting cuz I am going to retired soon. So extra money will help beside sitting around. Also I am not interesting in stuffed envelopes.
sComm (They sells Ubi Duo) offer stay at home job as Representative ( Rep) for out of state. I used to work for sComm as IT Helpdesk (fix, replace or setup computers, I know how Business functions) and many Reps across the state works at home and whenever CEO decide to send some Reps to go to Deaf Expo events, he pays airline ticket and hotel stay plus food. Rep job is to work with client who signed up for Ubi Duo. They do Zoom meeting with Reps monthly. They will train you on CRM and Microsoft Office (Word and Excel). Usually work start time is 8am to end 4pm unless if need to stay longer to finish work. They do have weekend work if you want to keep yourself busy. If you live near or in Greater Kansas City, Missouri, CEO prefer you drive to his Office everyday. You must have experience on Customer relation (be able to work with clients like explain them about appointments, train them how to use Ubi Duo, and work with issue with them.) CEO is Deaf, most employees are Deaf and few hearings that make phone calls to Insurances and Medicare.

Just FYI