Russian deaf girl is looking for a serious relationship

hi, we can try, i want to meet you
First of all, I did not know you can find a love through internet.

Second of all, If you want to marry an American guy, you would have to pay him $30,000 (most guys want $50,000), because of paperworks, paperworks, and paperworks. Not only that, marrying someone without love for green card is illegal in America. It is up to American guy who have a hard balls to give it a risk. It is faster to get married in America (Las Vegas for instance), and it takes forever to get divorced, which is why they (most lonely American guys) want $30-50 thousand.

Third of all, if you met American guy and both of you fall in love with each other which is priceless. If he is willing to pay $$$ for paperworks, and flight ticket. You must be a lucky woman.



When I were younger and hung out with friends to deaf bowling. Someone bought a deaf girl. She tried to crush on me and I found out about her Visa has been expired. She does not want to go back her country. She seek for quick marry american before too late... rolling eyes.. I REFUSED.
Unfortunately this is not SO. Everything is much easier and good! My mom is getting married to an American. She can not take me to America, because I am already 25 years old. I would like to live nearby with my mother. The only chance to be there - it is necessary to find my destiny in America.
Hey Julia. I am russian guy and single. I live here state WA Seattle.
There are Russian Communities in most larger cities around the USA. As are with pretty much any Nation that came to America.

At 25, as a full adult, you should have the ability to hold a Passport from your Russian Government and travel. As far as getting married etc, as others have said there are a large range of roadblocks for a Visa etc to import a Russian or any other Nation's Wife (Husband etc) to America. Your mother has gone through the process and can explain it to you very well.

I have other thoughts that would require a few pages of typing but reduce that to one simple question. Why America whereas you might find someone in Russia? Many people came to America for a new future and so they built one from nothing here. Its part of who we are. But right now, its not exactly the best of times to be coming here. There are some states that are free and many who are not. (Covid etc) I am in a relatively free state that will drop the mask mandate in a week or so but are working on laws to prevent towns and counties from fining those who fail to wear masks etc. That has also become a very strong political problem as well against the People. Covid here is almost nothing. A couple hundred in the hospital versus 400,000 who caught it and recovered with a few thousand deaths out of a few millions. Thats just one state who is doing better than most.

Good luck.
I do have a dream of wanting to try dating a russian deaf girl for quite awhile but couldn't afford to fly out to Russia, Oh well
Hi! : Волны: I am deaf Russian girl 25 years. I want to meet a guy for a relationship and family. I use sign language, and I will be glad to get acquainted with a guy from America to 40 years. Write me pls
Hello! Welcome! Dean Katsanos from Northern California..United email address is deank58@gmail com and use Google duo video? My text # 1-707-235-8764.
Hey guys, she posted in 2013. That is a long time ago. she might have arrived here or something. Second of all, right now, there is a major event happening because of the war in Ukraine so internet banned Russia. We are not allowed to communicate with Russia atm. So, guys stop. For any of you who are singles, go check out Asian brides or Latina brides dating sites. Tons of them! Check them out will ya? They do have tons of photos! If you want closer to home, check out sites that are more in the US. Google for dating sites and find what you want. Be careful though because of scammers are on those sites. Paid site are better because scammers usually avoid those paid sites.

Yes, you will bound to find foreign women better chance than American women because of several factors-- 1. age range. Women here tend to prefer closer to their age. Golden rule is 10-10 means 10 years younger to 10 years older. But foreign women would be more open to much older men. They prefer wiser, and yes, maybe wealthier. 2. They see you are the ticket way in. The US is one of the most toughest and expensive country for any foreigners to come in to get that American Dream. That is why it is tough. And many illegals come through the border of US-Mexico. Why? They see its easy way in but dangerous because they could get caught and send back. And if they do, they have criminal record and not allowed enter for 10 years if attempt to apply to come in legally. Will get denied. If the right woman is from another country, and she prefer to stay but wants a man to come to her home country to marry... you will then know she is honest and not after the American Dream. Those types of women are best. The most easiest way for foreign women to come to America is K1 Visa (Fiancé Visa). Harder to get green card, harder to get anything not even tourist visa which is expensive for them. Remember, they are poorer overseas than here. So, only way is to marry an American. And you have to have 20,000 USD to sponsor her. Most Deaf are on SSI/SSD which would not qualify enough to support her. you get what? 12K a year in SSI/SSDI? Not enough. Sorry. The law says you have to support her but also she will be required to work! If you are going to marry with K1 Visa, pay up 20k a year, plus she has a green card and required to work. Ever since President Trump Administration, the requirement foreign women must have a college degree now. Prefer Bachelor's or higher because more jobs requires that. They dont want a woman who never worked before. Sorry cant do that. Many foreign women do earn college degrees more than ever before. You need to make good money too. I know it is harder to find a woman in the US, gentlemen. Just go out. Go to Deaf events out of state. Much better. Go do something you like, not about Deaf, your hobbies, interests. You will bound to find someone that way. Or go to a church. Go do something with your life and be busy and you will never know! Best way is you drive or fly out of state and meet new ones. You will find better ones than in your home town where you grew up all your life and same old faces. Better off you travel around the country.

For the foreign ladies, be honest with yourself. Love your man who loves you. If you want to marry an American, be real. Do not marry and divorce when you get here. You are not to come because you want to get in the USA. You will come only you truly love your husband.

As for me, I am engaged to a foreign woman we really match and I am relocating to overseas to be with her. She has a farm, she has a degree, she work hard. I am bringing my business with me there. We even have a website, FB and Twitter account for both of us. It is to show our journey toward wedding in December 2022 and beyond.
Hi! : Волны: I am deaf Russian girl 25 years. I want to meet a guy for a relationship and family. I use sign language, and I will be glad to get acquainted with a guy from America to 40 years. Write me pls
Hi I'm deaf from India . I want to friendship with you