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For overall. I'll say I rate 7 out of 10.

I hate that client. They waste my time. I wait and wait until finally, they reply what they like or not... shessh!
By the way, you need to update your grammar. On the main page where your Flash introduction is, there is a line below it that says "click here to skip the introduce".

Change it to "Click here to skip the introduction."
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Very corny, looks like it was designed by a high school student.

I know. :( my client is very picky. he want this sites excatly as from other website. :crazy:
Ahh, you should tell him some suggestions about the use-ablitiy to surf that site.
1.) Your HTML and CSS do not validate. Most important your HTML fails and returns a fatal error, which search engines will not value this site well.

2.) CSS does not validate and returns errors.

3.) Your missing Discription, and Meta tags...

4.) Website is not themed.

While this site has a clean and nice look to it, it fails to meet search engine standards and will not rank well as a competitive site. You client is establishing a website I am sure with the intention of increasing their ROI.

Want more consultation I would be happy to help. You have the skills to build a web presence but need help with providing a working product.
Hmm... interest... but this website is new, that could not be possible to be found thru search engines. Isn't it? :|
Illustrator: Don't take this personally but more as advice. This is what I do for a living on a fulltime basis... so sharing advice is all.

It Does not matter if this is a new website. In the future it will not rank well anyway. Based on what I said above, there is a lot working against this website. This is how search engines give value to a website and increase ranking. Google, Fast, Ink, and other primary engines use Vector terms to add value to content, they also validate the websites coding.. The more errors a search engine spider finds, the worse a website will rank.

There are billions of website and many launching every single day. How do you think search engines will provide most valuable content in their SERPs? They do it by validating content... This is true. I can support everything I say to you now... You have the basic ability to create a nice website, now you need to take it to another level and learn more about validation of code, and term vectors. With just this as a starting point you will have great success and your clients will enjoy the ROI!