Reverse Cookie Bite

I have reverse cookie bite and I can hear most speech but not machinery so well and not high sounds and consonants. As I am getting older, I also am losing more middle to high frequencies of speech.
I have reverse cookie bite hearing loss in both ears, my last testing showed my word recognition in my right ear had dropped down into the 30% range.
I have had an MRI done to rule out any tumors at the request of an ENT.
I have had both Starkey and Phonak HA's however have not been able to find anybody who has seen my type of hearing loss, let alone knows how to properly program the HA's that I have.. . unfortunately they just seem to know how to sell them to me. :(
I have a similar reverse cookie bite pattern of hearing loss... I have current manganese toxicity from my previous ceramics employment but also autoimmune diseases.
Have you had any exposures to heavy metals or ototoxic substances?
Does anyone here know what heavy metals toxicities may contribute to this pattern of loss?
I don't fine anything wrong with anyone putting in all big letters ..I'm hoh n deaf ..I'm not bother by anyone say I'm hearing impaired...but everyone is different..
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