Raising awareness about our Assistive technology

Charlotte Hind

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May 24, 2023
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Hi everyone.

We are reaching out to help raise awareness of the assistive technology products/devices we offer and are communicating here to find out if what we can offer is of interest to anyone.

As a family business, preferred service provider of technology we know that more people are feeling isolated, frustrated, less included and sometimes, ignored.

HPIL has been trading for just over three decades, we have our own Echo range of products that include Personal Listeners, TV listeners, Loop systems and more so that we can help people with hearing loss/impairment, dual impairment to have a better lifestyle.

We are finding that more and more people are experiencing dual sensory loss/impairments through life changes and may feel isolated as a result and because we have a worked hard to bring about change, we are hoping that by reaching out today we are going to be able to assist a lot of people with hearing loss/impairment so that they stay included.

We have worked hard to bring about change and by reaching out today we are hoping to assist a lot of people with hearing loss/impairment so that they can use or devices to help with consultations, assessments and in peoples homes.

Our portfolio of valued clients are Charities like yours, Galloways, RNIB, Manchester Deaf Centre, RNID, COS in Conwy, NHS Trusts, Local authorities and just recently we have connected with Blind Veterans UK as well as with many individuals.

Please contact us if we can be of any further assistance.

Regards Charlotte

0161480 8003 info@hear4you.com