Questions for deaf mothers / expecting mothers (or anyone who can offer insight)


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Jan 18, 2023
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Hey all,

Let me briefly introduce myself. I am a 20 year old Design Engineering student at a University in London - hoping to create a genuinely useful product for an underserved group of people as part of our 20 week project.

An area I’ve been keen to look into is the challenges and opportunities associated with deaf women’s experiences from the antenatal to postnatal stage. An initial idea I had was wondering whether deaf expectant-mothers could be allowed to ‘hear’ or feel their baby’s heartbeat in some way through the design of a specialist device? However, I appreciated this may not be the main concern of deaf mothers (or even an issue at all).

Alternatively, what are some issues you faced when carrying and raising a child as a deaf mother or deaf parent? Do you feel as though healthcare professionals could have provided you a better experience and understanding at those times? Are there products and devices around your home used in early infancy childcare which were far too inaccessible as a deaf person?

I’d appreciate it if you took even 30 seconds to vent your frustrations, or even tell me what went well!

Thank you in advance.