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Oct 25, 2023
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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong location, feel free to send me to the right location if so.


My name is Rob and I’m a third year product design student at Academy of Art University. I’m working on a product that will help to eliminate communication barriers between Sign speakers and non-Sign speakers. I was wondering If I could take a moment and get some feedback on questions I have as part of my research. I know there are various reasons why someone may choose to use Sign language, so please approach the questions from your own perspective.

  1. When encountered with the issue of not being able to use Sign to communicate, what alternatives do you take?
    • How does using the alternative instead of Sign make you feel?
    • Do you feel like you encounter this problem quite often?
    • What would you change about these encounters if you could?

  2. Would you use a wearable device if it allowed for transparent communication between Sign and non-Sign speakers?
    • If Yes: What type of device would you prefer?
    • If No: What about a wearable device don’t you like?
    • If Maybe: Can you elaborate on why you feel this way?

  3. What are common issues that Sign speakers have when socializing with non-Sign speakers?
    • What would improve the situation?
    • What would make the situation worse?
    • What about these situations do non-Sign speakers not realize?

  4. How does traveling globally affect Sign speakers? Is the difficulty communicating the same as verbal communication or worse?
    • Are there any particular Sign languages that are exceptionally difficult?
    • English could be considered a global language as the majority of the world can speak it. Is there a Sign language that is similar?
    • What extra challenges does traveling by yourself come with?

  5. What is the best way to get more non-Sign speakers learning Sign?
    • What do you think stops more people from learning Sign?
    • If you learned Sign to communicate with a DHH person, can you share what method you used and how well that method worked for you?
    • Could an interactive game be utilized to learn Sign?

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to respond to these questions. I need 15 expert opinions to use in my project, so if you kindly leave your Name and Age, along with why you use Sign. That would be amazing, feel free to ask me any questions about my project that you'd like. Thank you Again, I can’t wait to hear back from everyone.
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