~Our Precious Little Son Arrived~

CUTE! Thanks for giving me memories of my son's birth! The experience is something you and I will always treasure forever.
Congradulations, my son is now 2 years old and I remember the day he was born like it was yesturday 1st cry (which was non-stop) A wonderful thing and wonderful miracles in life we enjoy and appreciate

Mrs. Crasher said:
My Husband and I would like to annouce our new arrival to our Family....

Gavin Chase Born: July 5th, 2006 @ 4:49 p.m. C-section
Weight: 8lbs. 13 oz
Length: 20 inches long

Here is Some Photo's Of Our Precious Little Son:

Awwwww!!! Ur son is sooo cute!! Love his pink lips and cute reddish blonde hair! You parents look soo proud to have him! You ARE blessed!
Mrs Crasher - Congratulations and that son of yours is gonna turn into a fine young man one of these days. Gotta keep him from the girls, eh? :giggle:

He's an adorable baby!
:giggle: i was picking on my hubby and told him that he's going to be a cutie when he's get's bigger..... he's changing everyday.......
i know this is late, but better late than never, right?

your son is SOOOO adorable. normally, newborns are weird-looking in a squishy way, but your son isn't squishy-looking at all. i AWWWed at those pictures :)
WOW havent seen you in long time, I total forgot that you being pregnant and now just saw this topic. let me say this

CONGRATS and your son look adorable!