Old Fashioned Hearing Aids

Freaky said:
deafdyke, I was born HoH (mild-moderate loss) and didn't really need my hearing aids only for the phone. I started losing a lot of my hearing when I was 16 years old and it became severe-profound. I still benefit from my hearing aid a lot as I can hear with it.

Freaky, I too was born hearing, but then became HOH at age 11. I didnt start wearing Hearing Aids til I was 18. I tell you what though, im glad i never had to experience those huge Body Aids you guys have been talking about. I cant believe how awful they sound.. And they would have given me BAD headaches, as I already get bad ones from my ITE's....

I went away this weekend to a friends holiday house in the Mountains. It was ace cool, but caus eit was hot, like Summer, and the bush was just going crazy with the sounds of insects, that was ALL I COULD HEAR for the WHOLE TIME!!

And i was there with about nine other people, all my mates, but they are ll hearing//// And they would talk to me, and I'd have to say
"IM serioius, I just cant hear a word your saying to me, all i can hear are the dasmn Cicadas and insects. "

Really annoyed me, i had a darn headache after that, I imagine Body aids woulda been ten times worse.. Yup yup!
I'm in the UK and fairly new here.

I went deaf when I was 14. That was back in 1972! I was fitted with body worn hearing aids (level o hearing loss). They were made specially for the UK health service by their research arm "Medresco". This stood for the "Medical Research Council". The model was OL57. It had an "On", "Off" and "T" switch as well as a volume control and was powered by AA batteries. Mine came with a "Y" shaped cord to run to both of my ears where I had large solid pinkish coloured ear-moulds with a metallic magnetic clip around the hole on the moulds. The "Y" shaped cord plugged into the box shaped hearing aid at one end and into each large pale flesh coloured round receiver buttons, which had a magnetic metal ring on the inside that then clipped the receivers to each ear-mould.

I remember that I couldn't hear very much speech through the aid and had to go to a local school that specialised in educating deaf children to complete my education.

It wasn't until I was 21 that I managed to be able to afford to buy my first BTE hearing aids, Siemens Auriclinas (might be wrong), then I migrated to Phonak Superfront.
I wore eyeglass hearing aids in junior high or high school.

I now wear ITE hearing aids which are tinted to match my skin color.