Okinawa diet!


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Jun 29, 2003
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I was watching Today Tonight and there was this article about Okinawans (people from an island in Japan) who live to 100 and more because of their diet/genes. They eat 6 small meals a day, and their diet is mostly fish, brown rice, tofu, brightly coloured fruit/vegetables, and unprocessed low in carbohydrates food.

They all seemed pretty lively for 100 as well. There were some Australians as well who were 100 or over, and they all recommended a good diet and sleeping pattern. They also had never touched alcohol! Amazing hey.

This is stuff I already knew and was already following. I lost heaps of weight on this diet, and by the looks of it, the Japanese people are thin and healthy because of this diet too. I also drink soy protein drinks (Chocolate flavoured too!) and they're the best. Japanese eat food high in soy and protein. It's never too late to follow this diet! :)
What soy things do you eat? I eat soy beans, soy milk, and tofu and all those things that contain soy but I don't know what other kinds of soy products there are.