Nucleus 7 value help


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Oct 3, 2021
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I meant to post this months ago, but life got in the way. I have a backpack full of new in box Cochlear N7 gear that I was going to use to cover the expenses of a relative that had passed. Anyways, I found that it is hard to track down the value of this equipment so that I would know what a fair asking price would be on Ebay. Please note, all of the aforementioned expenses have already been taken care of, so I am not looking to get top dollar (looking to empty my Amazon shopping cart at ~$1200) Anyways, I don't know if anyone can give me an approximate value of this equipment, and what they feel would be a fair asking price? Also I need to know if I am better off keeping everything together or parting it out? Here is the list as best as what I could tell, thank you in advance!

Nucleus 7 Sound Processor Kit
Wireless Phone Clip
Wireless TV Streamer
Zephyr Dry & Store
2 Microphone Covers
Medium Ear Hook
2 Magnets
USB Power Adapter
"Y" Battery Charger
3 Standard Rechargeable Battery Modules
USB Charger
CR310 Remote Control

If you have any questions, or if pictures help, please let me know.
Don't bother selling Sound Processor itself. Sell external parts. Because Sound Processor is permanently locked to Patient account and Audiologist refuse to remap for someone else if bought it. Audiologist have full control and if they find it stolen from patient database (usually they plugs in Processor to computer and it'll match code to patient's database). If it's found stolen, they will keep it. If it's belong to someone else, they reserve right to refuse to remap it. Unless if you contact with Cochlear Americas and work things out for transfer. They will remove warranty and it's lot harder to sell without warranty.