Nucleus 5 parts needed - magnets and coil (no wire needed, just the coil) and battery holder/cover


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Jul 25, 2023
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Probably a long shot, but will try anyway.

I'm looking for a few parts to get me through the next 3 months (hopefully when I will get upgraded equipment) as I've been stealing parts off one of my cochlear implant processors to keep my best "hearing" ear cochlear implant working. Ran out of parts and my old insurance would not cover upgraded equipment. Have new insurance, but will take months to get through the upgrade process, so looking for parts for my old equipment as an interim step.

What I am looking for (all for a Nucleus 5 processor) - would love either sand colored or brown, but honestly would take other colors:
- Magnet(s) - either one or two size 2 magnets, or one size 3 magnet.
- Coil - this is the part that the magnet is inserted into. I don't really need a wire part of it (coil wire), just the end round piece/coil that the magnet gets inserted into (so if you have a whole one with a lousy wire, that would work!).
- rechargeable batteries or the battery case that holds disposable batteries.

Hoping I can find these stray parts so I can go back to using 2 cochlear implant processors, in prep for getting all updated in a few months.

Can anyone help? If yes, let me know as well as the price. Thanks!