New To Ci...what Is Normal?


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Aug 9, 2016
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Hello - I am one week post-activation. Everything still sounds like a muffled robot voice. I am noticing that it seems like the sound it cutting out occasionally. I am wondering if this is normal. Am I hearing/not hearing tones and that is why? Has anyone else experienced this?
I don't remember any cutting in and out but things sounding strange? Oh yeah. They start you off with VERY little volume, stimulation. Have been you using the other programs with increased volume? You're only a week out, things change dramatically the first 2 months, mine did anyway.

What brand dos you get and when is your next mapping?
Thanks for your reply. I have the A/B Nadia CI and have slowly been increasing the volume each day. I will go for re-mapping in another 1 1/2 weeks. I am slowly starting to pick up sounds, but no distinguishable language yet. Yeah, the cutting out seems odd to me. I wish I had an explanation.
It possibly could be your magnet. Do you have really thick hair?

What's your hearing history.

I think I was in a rush and I'd push myself with the volume increases. I think I may have had it on the 3rd program regularly by the end of the first week. If you've made it to the max volume program by your next mapping they'll give you more volumes.

Personally I think you really need that volume to really start making sense of things but they can't start you off with that much. Baby steps

I have an AB as well, the Naida Q70, activated 8/12/15. currently I have the software of the Q90 in my program 2 slot. See I could get the software programmed in, but my Audi said another patient that got it didn't like the programming so she put it as my 2nd program so I could go between the two and see which I like better. I never use it, not a fan. I don't like the wind block, echo block etc whatever else is on there.
Bleeding Purist is probably the most helpful member with the technical stuff. He'd have a lot more insight than I would. Not sure how often he pops I'm here anymore, but I'll send him a message to have look see.
Hmmm also make sure your cable (from the headpiece to the processor) is pushed in ALL the way. Or even try a different one?
Sound should definitely be not cutting out. Check your cables, and if you have spares try swapping them out to see if that resolves the issue. My left one was cutting out randomly, not sure if it's cable or headpiece. Today, so far so good.

Also, is there humidity where you live? sometimes moisture can have an affect too. If so, put the processors in a Dry n Store zephyr if you received one with your kit.

It's only been one week, it takes time for the brain to make sense of the signals coming in through the CI. Just keep working at it, learning to recognize sounds and speech and it'll all start sounding better/more normal as time goes on, and with more mapping sessions as well.
As others have mentioned, WEAR IT as much as you can because that's the only way to really get better with it. I recommend this either downloading the app to your phone or to your computer to help get used to the sounds:

As far as the cutting out, I wonder if you have a defective battery? I noticed after a few hours, one specific batter I have will cut out for a quick second and then resume for an hour or so before repeating. So try one battery and then try another the next day to see if the problem persists.
Sound cutting out is usually the cable, but it can also be the programming. It's also possible Auto-Ultrazoom was enabled, though that really isn't recommended for a newly activated individual at all.

How many mapping appointments have you had?