New here, but old to HOH. Advice?


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Aug 1, 2019
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I've been hard of hearing for as long as I can remember. When I was little I had chronic ear infections which my parents wrote off as me being dramatic and decided not to have checked out. When I was a little older, someone at school recommended me to an audiologist. I've had several sets of tubes because my ear canals are shaped funnily and retain water. Because of that, water continuously built up behind my eardrums and caused problems. I've dealt with my hearing loss for the majority of my loss because no one believed me. A few months ago, I went in for a hearing test and discovered that I have a hole in my ear drum and severe nerve damage in both ears. I have only about 50% hearing in one ear and less than that in the other. Next week I'm having the hole repaired and after that, I'll be getting hearing aids. They say that my hearing will get progressively worse and I may go completely deaf. I really just want a friend or a few who understand what I'm going through because my family has been no help and my best friend just doesn't understand. Anyone would be welcome to contact me and I would really appreciate it!
Hey. I just joined this site and have written a similar message on here myself. I hope you have a read of what I said as I have experienced a very similar thing to you. It is really hard isn't it, people not understanding or being accommodating. My whole world changed with my hearing loss. I don't really spend any time with my friends anymore but I would love to make just one friend that understands and that I understand you and maybe we can find some comfort in the whole thing. Maybe send me a message as I would love to hear your story and i'll tell you mine. James