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Dec 12, 2010
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My husband and I have 2.5 year old triplets. We are looking for our next Au Pair (nanny). Right now, we have a hearing Au Pair from The Netherlands. She learned ASL for our family and returns home this December to go to college.

To be qualified as a true Au Pair, you must be currently living outside the United States and between the ages of 18-26. Those are the requirements set by the United States Visa and immigration laws.

My husband and I are deaf. All 3 of our kids are hearing, but ASL is their first and primary language. We live in Hawaii and enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. Our Au Pair lives with us and has a scooter we provide for transportation.

If you're interested in a childcare position in Hawaii, PM me. Things about you I would want to know is if you are deaf or hearing, what sign language(s) you know, what type of work you are doing now and what type of childcare experience you have.

Very Interested in working with you!

Hell my name is Olivia Devenish. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Trinidad, and recently moved to Canada to study American Sign Language at George Brown College. I would love take some time off to work with a Deaf family or a family who practised Sign for in my future I hope to work with Deaf and Hard of hearing individuals.
Hey jen!

I saw your advert about nanny, and I would be interested in it if it is offered yet. I would be willing to relocate to pretty soon there take care of children.

I am Tessa Raurala, deaf, 18 year old girl from Finland. I know the ASL, the International Sign Language, and Finnish SL.
I had one years working at the deaf children's club, and taken care of deaf children now and then. So got some experiences with children.

Contact me if you feel interesting to know more about me.
I would like to help you!
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