Motivating my hearing teenager as a Deaf Mom


Aug 13, 2022
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Hey All, was wondering if anyone had any advise on motivating my teenager to learn ASL. I am recently deaf since March and although I read lips, I find at the end of a long day reading lips, that I am mentally tired and signing would be so much easier in the home life. My daughter is a great kid, but seems less than enthused about the idea of learning sign language.

Are there any ways or even support groups for CODAs? I know this is as much a change for her as it is for me, so I want to give her my support but still keep our communication as strong as it was when I was hearing?

Any advise appreciated :)

Thanks in Advance

If it were me; I'd level with her in your way. Let her know "hey, I MISS you." I miss being able to hear you and talk to you and know what is happening with you. You are not alone, Neither of us need to feel this way. Let's do this together. Learn at a class in the community together? Surely other families out there will be doing the same.

Hope some of this helps. All the best to you and yours.
Oh nice! thanks @EllietheEncourager I will def check out that page. She doesn't have social media ( i forbid it for my teen hahaha) but I will get on mine and check it out. And seek out some support groups together!
Just a thought, if you sign let her see you interacting where she is the topic, you and another are taking about her or something she's interested in, then give her the never mind or I'll tell you later, probably not the best advice but maybe can be tailored for you;)