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Feb 11, 2021
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Hope you all have a nice holiday :cheers: :h5:
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Merry Christmas, Mart. I hope you and all reading this have a wonderful weekend. (Some may not celebrate Christmas, Hope y'all have a great time, too.)
Good morning and Merry Christmas to you all, I live in Margate Florida and I'm been here for 18 years less one year in Pittsburgh Pa,, i was going to stay permanently in Pittsburgh but unfortunately I got sick with an infection on my right foot so I had to have my five toes amputated so now I have a 3/4 right foot, I'm infection free thank God, I was living in Hollywood Florida owned my Condo so I sold it and bought a condo on Pittsburgh band then after the amputated toes I re sold the condo in Pittsburgh and for return back to south Florida I bought a very nice condo in the city of Margate FL., Margate is about 20 minutes west of Pompano beach and Ft
Lauderdale. It's a nice 55+ community and everything is very close. Anyway if any of you out there are interested in relocating to the Pittsburgh area the cost of living is inexpensive for those on limited income and it's an awesome city the ground transportation is awesome too.
The two Deaf friendly association's are called the Pittsburgh association for the Deaf in Allegheny county and the other is called the Westmoreland association for the Feaf in Westmoreland county, both association's have all sorts of activities for the very young people and for seniors too, check there websites you'll be amazed how there so involved with the community.
At this time I'm 59 , but hopefully I will relocate to Pittsburgh in the near future. Well it's been awesome chatting with you all, and you'll be hearing from me again soon, so may all of you have a very safe Christmas ⛄❄️ ❄️ holiday,