Looking to practice Sign language


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Jan 8, 2011
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Hello ,

I am a hearing person, but I am learning sign language. I would like to practice with someone if you have video chat or a web cam.. we can become friends hopefully... I am a single mother of 3 kids and I am pregnant now. I go to church. I live in queens, new york.

I would love to learn more about anyone who wants to share...
I can notice we are in the same situation. I'm also a hearing person who learn ASL, have nobody to practise this language. Anyway, if you or anybody else would like to become friends and chat from time to time, I'll be more than happy!
I would love to practice with you, but I'm very limited in the signs I know right now, since I'm a beginner. If you're interested just let me know, if not, no hard feelings :) Also, welcome to the site!
:welcome: to AllDeaf forum, poetic1020 and Brigida. If you can find ASL classes in your area or near the city where they might have community college or Hearing Society to teach you ASL. Just stick around. Have fun reading and posting all the threads here. See you around here. :wave:
HELLO EVERY1!! I am a nubbie, n I want 2 practice signing w/ sum1. I want 2 be an interpreter 4 the deaf i have dvds, books, etc. but its not the same as having sum1 2 sign w/. I am rusty n need 2 practice. i have been getting back 2 my books but i just had a baby n am very,very ,very tired so if there is sum1 out there 2 help lemme know:wave:
check meetup.com -- that's where I found the group that I meet to sign with. Also interested in vidchat, I have skype and oovoo. I am beginner student but I love to sign =) let me know! Though I firmly believe that it is always better to learn ASL from either a native signer or Deaf teacher. If you can get into a class you will be well off. Good luck!
Thank you all for posts and replies. My problem is that I don't live in the USA, but in Poland and I can't find any collage or school that teaches ASL. I use online possibilites which are very limited. Anyway I do hope to learn more and be better with each day.