Looking for interview participants who have experience in social VR platform

Andy Hsu

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Apr 13, 2023
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Hello Everyone!!

My name is Yuan-Hao (Andy) Hsu, a graduate student from Penn State University majoring in Informatics: Human-Centered Design.

Currently, I am conducting a research project about "Understanding the Communication Methods Inside Virtual Reality (VR) for Individuals who are d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (d/DHH)."

To this goal, We invite you to participate in an interview session to understand your communication experience inside virtual reality. We are seeking participants who are using virtual reality and have previously used VR multiplayer platforms (e.g., VRChat, Meta Horizon World, AltspaceVR, NeosVR, or any other VR multiplayer platforms or workspace).

This study is approved by our institutional review board (IRB). The interview session will last approximately 60 minutes (1 hour) over Zoom, Discord, Messenger, or any preferred platform, and each participant will be compensated with a $20 Amazon Gift card.

Your participation will help us understand and gain insights into the current communication methods and experiences inside virtual reality.

Please find the following link as the recruitment sign-up form with more details:


Thank you!!