Looking for asl presenter and writer for online course


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Mar 21, 2017
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My name is Jay, and I'm the Content Manager at International Open Academy. We're an online education service provider, and we're looking for a dynamic individual to collaborate with us on an online intermediate level ASL course.

Here's some information about the project: we're looking for someone to write a 5 module course (approx 12k-15k words) and prepare video tutorials to demonstrate the signs being learned. We've already launched a successful Intro ASL course, and it's been a huge hit with our students. Now that they've learned the "theory", we'd like to follow up with a course that's focused on conversational signing that they can use in the real world. You would be recording short videos (no more than 5 min each) to accompany the written instructions, but we don't expect high studio quality - bright lighting and friendly presentation is more important. We will edit and finesse your raw footage, so you won't be expected to do that yourself.

We are not an academic institution; we offer lifestyle courses and vocational training for anyone who wants to pursue their passions. Our brand is friendly, fun, and informal, but we ARE accredited. This course will not provide any professional designation - it's just to develop ASL skills for anyone who wants to learn for themselves, or to better communicate with the deaf community.

I've come up with a tentative course description and syllabus, but I'm hoping that the successful candidate will help to make sure we've covered all the key educational points, and that the course has a logical progression.

Please get in touch if you're interested in this project, and be sure to tell me about yourself and your experience. And we can take it from there!

Thanks very much!

@JayK nice job, do you work with person remotely?
Would you mind sharing how much do you offer for this kind of job? (it is a Deaf community, and we talk about these kind of things openly :) Please don't take it as an insult).
Could you please, also share the contact email for further communications? Thank you so much!
I'm not the one who can do this, but I know someone here who can be a good fit. He is passionate, hardworking, fun, and produces good quality media.
Hi @Ri Sol , thanks for your response.

Yes, this project is completely remote - the person will work on their own time to meet some agreed upon milestones, and I can support them with content editing, graphic design and video editing assistance from our team. I am basically looking to get this turned around in the next 2-3 weeks.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to post our website link, but if you search International Open Academy you can find our ASL course info, and it's the ASL Level 2 course that we're looking to produce. The syllabus and outline are just ideas at this point, and we'd be looking for input from an ASL speaker to ensure they make educational sense :)

In terms of payment, it will really depend on the individual, their experience, and the quality of videos they can produce. But I'm looking at a fee of $1500, as this is what we typically pay for similar work. I'm happy to talk fees on an individual basis though.
For further email communications you can reach me at jay@ internationalopenacademy.com (sorry, without the space ).

If you have any referrals, I'd definitely appreciate you sending them my way! I'd really love to have the course produced and presented by a deaf individual(s), but I am actually having a hard time finding someone (I am not deaf myself, and admittedly have no connections in the community). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
@JayK Thank you!
I think it is an interesting opportunity. The other people on the forum can view this additional information, and contact you. I forwarded link to this thread to a person, that I think could be a great fit. But it is up to him to decide to take it or not.

I love all sorts of online education.
Just curious, I tried to find demo video content on IOA, couldn't locate it yet. Do you have it on website?
Is video content on all other courses is captioned(not auto-captioned)? I'm fan of coursera, udacity, cybrary and other platforms, but I always check for demo video, and captions before taking any course.
@JayK awesome to see you taking this opportunity :)

I took your level 1 course and left a comment to please use Deaf to instruct, so pleased to see this :)

Will you also include some kind of online test as some form of review if the knowledge is acquired in form of video, preferably both expressive and receptive, But minimum receptive would be awesome :)