Looking for a senior actor for short film in Shreveport, LA


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May 25, 2022
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Hello everyone,

My name is Carlos and I'm looking to cast a senior (60+) to play Charli. No gender or race preference.

Charli recently found out they will pass away from cancer in 3 months. Charli starts the movie in a diner where they are breaking the news to their lifetime spouse, Sam. At the same time, the rest of the patrons find out something bad is going to happen in the city and they need to evacuate. Charli relies on Sam to tell them what's going on, but Sam is considering not saying anything to Charli, because Sam would rather die with Charli than live without them.

The shooting dates are Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26 in Shreveport, LA.
These are night shoots so they'll go from 7PM-4AM.
$500 total pay, meals and credits provided.

Hope one of you guys is interested! It'll be a fun shoot!

If so, email ghostwrightmedia@gmail.com and let's discuss next steps!

This will be our first time working with a deaf actor, so we're not sure about the protocols of having someone who can translate for us with sign language. Unfortunately, this is a small production so we can't afford to hire a translator. Would be greatly appreciated if you're able to bring someone along for the journey. If not, we'll communicate as much as possible through writing.

Carlos Jimenez
Director, Ghostwright Media