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Jan 8, 2020
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Dear Man

No judge No hurt No discrimination a person.

Depends woman is details personal more more deep personal and skills

If you choose a working woman, you have to accept that she can't take care of the house full time.

If you choose a housewife who can take care of you and handle the apartment fully, you have to accept that she doesn't make money.

If you choose a humble woman, you must accept that it is up to you.

When you're with a brave woman, you have to accept that she's independent according to her own views.

Those who choose a beautiful woman must accept that jealousy must be controlled.
If you're with a strong woman, it's worth accepting that she's gentle and fragile at a glance, but solid as steel.

If you choose an emotional, insecure woman, you must step up to make her feel safe and loved.

No woman is perfect and doesn't have to be. Every woman has her own personality and values that determine who she is and that make her special! ❤️