Linux users! use CloudVRS or Convo Link


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Feb 11, 2007
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Hey to Linux User!:cool2:

Cloud VRS (either ZVRS or Purple) or Convo Link. We can now use VP chat on Browser base VRS service.. (I have used Convo long time ago when they started Browser base VRS and my Linux works well with it. I can't remember how long ago but when the first started, I use it. I think around 15 years ago, maybe I'm wrong.) If you have issue with webcam that seem bit choppy (If you use Logitech webcam), install Webcamoid app. On debian base linux, go to Synaptic Package Manager or any one of Software Repository. If you are good with terminal, "Apt-get install webcamoid" or you use Nala, you can find it by "nala search webcamoid". If you use Arch base, use Pacman or Paru..

On Webcamoid, run it and if your video seem little choppy or ghosting a bit (hand moves and you see little ghosting). Click on upper right "gear" then click Video then click "Configure Source", you should see side window, drag it to left to see more. Click "reset" to reset video settings. Video should be smooth but ignore "640x480" as long as it's 30 fps. It's set so close Webcamoid then run browser of your choice and log in Cloud VRS or Convo Link, your video should be smooth, ready to use.. If you shut down and boot up (or reboot), you will have to go through Webcamoid setting to "reset" again because it did not save its settings.

Any brands of webcam. you'll have to see if it's smooth then worth use. if video seem choppy or ghosting when moving then you might want to configure settings. If all fails, possibility webcam may be cheap kind or not exactly compatible. You can go website find out how to fix frame rate for webcam in Linux.

I have Logitech C930e (1080p webcam) and cheap Chinese webcam (720p). both works fine. :rockon: