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Jan 8, 2020
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There was a bad break up, sort of.

But I had to experience that for the first time.

I don’t think I handled it as well as I could.
At the time..

I couldn’t grasp that maybe it wasn’t anybody’s fault.

Maybe some one just wanted to be with the person for longer than they wanted to be with person..

But accepting things that you don’t want to happen is really, really hard.

It’s like:

‘Why do they get to walk around, and keep living their life, while someone or you miserable all the time?’
It didn’t seem fair. So I might have reacted in a way that was disproportionate, to make the person feel more guilty than they needed to.

Sometimes that’s your only recourse when someone hurts you: feeling aggrieved, and making it known.

Not that it keeps you from suffering.

But there is a sense of power in it.

It allows you to redistribute the pain that you’re feeling.

If who can make their life a hassle for a bit, hurt their feelings, tell everyone they’re a big asshole. When the truth is: maybe they were just living their life,
trying their best, and you got hurt.

There’s not always a villain.

Sometimes you just get.......by somebody exercising their own..

Good advice this :

Forgive yourself.


The 5 most powerful words when someone is going through a breakup that I wish they would hear and believe.

I’ve been there. I think most of us have. At the end, we come out wiser, and hope that the next time, it’s better.

Forgive yourself first.

Allow yourself to heal.

Allow yourself to grow. Allow yourself to be.

Finally, allow yourself to live, and happily.
To anyone going through it at the moment reading this..
You have a very high level of emotional intelligence.
You will be just fine ❤️

I've since discovered that the only way out of tough situations is THROUGH THEM!

There's no right or wrong way!
You just have to go through it all!
All of it! The best way you manage how!

In the end, well, if you look back and laugh.
By a way...

First, this photo looks like a classic painting This Second mature self-awareness and wisdom.