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Apr 18, 2004
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Join in Deaf Karaoke - Local News - News - Guardian Messenger

KARAOKE singers are sometimes criticised for being tone deaf, but at this year’s Fringe a group of singers is being applauded.

Charity Deaf: Can Do is hosting a one-off night of “Deaf Karaoke”, with proceeds from the event to go towards providing speech pathologists, occupational therapy and technology to help people with hearing problems.

Hove resident Megan Gardner, a community fundraising co-ordinator for the charity, could not pass up an opportunity to perform. She was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss as a baby and was helped by the charity before becoming a staff member.

“It is very rewarding giving back to something that has given me a lot,” she said.

Barry Priori is a deaf, sign language tutor for the charity and will also take part on the night.

“It will be a lot of fun and will provide us with the opportunity to be involved in a Fringe program,” he said.

“I like Elvis songs, so I would consider performing one of his songs”.

Translators will accompany the performers so everyone in the audience can sing along.

“Deaf Karaoke” starts at 6pm on Sunday March 4 at the Butterfly House, 262 South Tce, Adelaide. Details: FringeTIX on 1300 374 643.