Japan Federation Fights Ban on Deaf Drivers


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Sep 19, 2005
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Japan Federation Fights Ban on Deaf Drivers

Deaf people are not allowed to obtain driver's licenses in Japan. That was the surprising news reported by Mainichi Newspapers earlier this week.

The Japan Federation of the Deaf is asking the National Police Agency to revise its regulations to allow licenses for deaf motorists. "We need cars in our private lives and for our jobs," said Yutaka Osugi, a top secretary of the federation. "We would like to take part in society."

Until recently, Japan's Road Traffic Law totally banned deaf people from obtaining driver's licenses. In 2001, the ban was partially lifted, requiring people to hear a 90-decibel sound from 10 meters away.

But deaf people face no such restrictions in the U.S., Britain, Germany, France or Australia, leaving Osugi to wonder, "Why aren't deaf people in Japan allowed to get a license?"